I worked as a Massage Therapist in Winchester Hampshire UK for 16 years before I launched Pat Maguire ( formally Maguire’s) Natural Body Balms and Oils in 2016. After years of blending aromatherapy essential oils and making balms specifically for my Massage Client’s that included treatment for certain skin conditions, general aches and pains and insomnia with fantastic results.

I was encouraged by Clients, Friends and Family to sell my products outside the Therapy Sessions for everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Pat Maguire’s Balms and Oils. My unique recipes were assessed and Certified by a reputable Bio Chemist and Pat Maguire (Maguire’s) was finally launched. I continue to work as a Therapist and plan to extend my Product range soon.

All of my products are Handmade in small batches and only contain natural ingredients. 

I rebranded recently to give my products a fresh simple but the luxurious look they deserve with environmentally friendly packaging and even less plastic than before. The Postage and Packaging is also recyclable.

The products are in Amber Glass containers, Face Oils are 30ml in size and have Pipette tops adding that extra touch of luxury as well as being more environmentally friendly. Balms are in 30g and 60g Jars