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Summer is here.

Lavender essential oil is a fantastic oil for treating sunburn. It provides rapid relief when used in a cold compress. I use the method below, simple and completely natural.


Add 5 drops of Lavender essential oil to cold water. Dip a flannel or small soft cloth into the water, squeeze out the excess water and lay on the affected area for a few minutes and repeat as needed.

Lavender is also wonderful to ease bites and stings so a perfect oil to keep in the first aid box.

For bites and stings I add a drop on to a cotton bud and gently dab on the area.

NOTE: If you have sensitive skin dilute the Lavender with full fat milk when using as a cold compress. Always be mindful when using essential plant oils and check suitability before you use.

When using essential oils for massage always dilute with a carrier/vegetable oil.