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All About: Jasmine

Jasmine Absolute ( Jasminum Grandiflorum)

Origin: Egypt

Flower pickers need to work through the night to collect the delicate flowers while they are open and their scent is most potent. Experienced pickers can collect approximately 10,000 flowers a shift, any bruising to the small petals can cause an alteration to the overall aroma so great care needs to be practised.

Jasmine doesn’t just smell wonderful it is used in Aromatherapy for its health benefits.

Emotional – Helps ease depression, reduces anxiety and calms the mind.

Aphrodisiac – Reduces Frigidity and helps with Impotence.

Childbirth – Eases pain but strengthens contractions.

Skincare – Reduces scars and acts as a toner for oily skin.

Respiratory – Jasmine is also reputed to ease coughs.

Jasmine blends really well with Essential Oils of Orange , Frankincense , Geranium and Neroli.